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miercuri, februarie 13, 2013

Bacăul pe Wikipedia

  Scriam ieri despre șansa Bacăului de a fi promovat în presa britanică de scandal. Iată că situația nu a intrat în normalitate: un cititor m-a atenționat că pagina Wikipedia a fost din nou modificată, aberația cu economia orașului fiind inserată pentru a treia oară...Vorbim aici de un caz patologic singular sau de ceva mai elevat?

Un comentariu:

  1. Dear Mr Jones,

    I am saddened by your reaction to my request. It is your right to defend the reputation of the Daily Mail, the problem is that in their article there is a very serious mistake, this is why information contained in it should not be mentioned on your webpage, if you really want it to be a reliable source of information.

    The article states that: "£30million is stolen through the crimes each year" and "Proceeds of crime now makes up 70 per cent of Bacau's economy".
    Please have a look (using a translation software, if necessary) at the most authoritative source of information for economic data in Romania – the Romanian National Institute of Statistics.

    You will find here the annual GDP (Produsul intern brut) for Bacau for the years 2004-2009 in millions of RON at current prices (milioane lei (RON) preţuri curente).
    For the year 2009, this is of 11784.8 million RON which represents 2304765120.80 British Pound Sterling (over 2 billion pounds). How can 30 million pounds stolen by these gangs represent 70% of 2 billion pounds?
    No, dear Sir, the result is 1613335584.56 GBP, so if these guys steal 30 million each year, they will need 53.7 years to reach that amount (supposedly representing 70% of Bacau’s economy).

    I hope that these arguments would make you reconsider your decision of allowing such abusive statements on your website and offending so many people. Everybody makes mistakes but I think it’s inexcusable to perpetuate such mistakes when you are presented with true real data and calculations. I would really like to place all my trust in what I read on your website and we should all work together to achieve this goal.

    My congratulations to the Wikipedia team for their great work.